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USA's Wednesday Comics: 7/8/2013

Hello everyone! It's the beginning of a new month, the last of the comic's year, like school a new stage begins in September, so let's see how it ends!
In DC comics we have a sad farewell, Dial H is cancelled, despite the good critics of the series, the sells have remained low and at DC comics if you do not sell, you got cancelled. Sad but true. On the other hand, we have a brand new Vertigo's mini series by one of the great talents of DC today, Jeff Lemire acting as complete author of Trillium a science fiction / horror story with a love story inside. Two time lines, one located on Earth in 1921 and the other one in the far future in a planet far away, two adventurers that will fall in love in a love story which can be the last love story of history! Sold!

Marvel continues with the summer wave of new titles, Superior Foes of Spider-man was both quite funny and inconsequential, perfect for a summer afternoon. Avengers A.I on the contrary was, in my modest opinion, quite boring and absolutely unnecessary.Among the rest of titles stand out, Avengers (all hail Hickman!), the Iron Man's secret origin by Kieron Gillen is also quite good, Superior Spider-man is better than most would like to admit and X- Factor is about 2 issues to end! Make your choice!

 Image as usual offers a new set of comics. First a short mini series Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose in which an orphan will seek for vengeance, in the description appears something about stripper ninjas, I must take a look to this.  The other new series by the consacrated author J.M Straczysnki is offering a superhero style story centered in the figure of the sidekick, specifically in what happens when the main superhero ends up dead. The public barely tolerated the sidekick before, but now that he is alone? Now is time to make fun of the ridiculous sidekick, his personal hell have started. Besides the new title check out the veteran series which this months land into the shelves, high quality titles like Prophet, Manhattan Projects, Fatale and Ten Grand. Oh! And do not forget to check out the secon issue of the fantastic Sheltered series, it will be the source of much talk in the future.

And that's all. You know what to do now ;) *

Action Comics #23 [+]
Ame-Comi Girls #6 [+]
Batwing #23 [+]
Detective Comics #23 [+]
Dial H #15 (Final Issue) [+]
Earth 2 #15 [+]
Fairest #18 [+]
Green Arrow #23 [+]
Green Lantern #23 [+]
Legends Of The Dark Knight #11 [+]
Movement #4 [+]
Stormwatch #23 [+]
Swamp Thing #23 [+]
Trillium #1 (Of 8) [+]
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #11 [+]

All-New X-Men #15 [+]
Avengers #17 [+]
Avengers A.I. #2 [+]
Cable And X-Force #12 [+]
Daredevil Dark Nights #3 (Of 8) [+]
Dark Tower The Gunslinger So Fell Lord Perth #1 (One Shot) [+]
Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2 (Of 4) [+]
Emerald City Of Oz #2 (Of 5) [+]
Hunger #2 (Of 4) [+]
Iron Man #14 [+]
Kick-Ass 3 #2 (Of 8) [+]
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #17 [+]
Superior Carnage #2 (Of 5) [+]
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #2 [+]
Superior Spider-Man #15 [+]
X-Factor #260 [+]

Activity #14 [+]
Artifacts #30 [+]
Blackacre #9 [+]
Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #1 (Of 3) [+]
Cyber Force #5 [+]
Fatale #16 [+]
Invincible Universe #5 [+]
Legend Of Luther Strode #6 (Of 6) [+]
Manhattan Projects #13 [+]
Miniature Jesus #4 (Of 5) [+]
Prophet #38 [+]
Satellite Sam #2 [+]
Sheltered #2 [+]
Sidekick #1 [+]
Ten Grand #4 [+]

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