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USA Wednesday Comics : 11/06/2013

Hello there! Here we are with antother post of the all-mighty Wednesday Comics. Let's take a look to the new comic books on the stores!

DC keeps its traditional pace. This month we have several a couple of One Shots, an American Vampire one and another about the Masters of the Universe franchise. However the main course is the awaited by all Superman Unchained (no, it is not a crossover between DC's Superman and Django) writer Scott Snyder (great!) and Jim Lee (not so great) will bring to us yet another Superman's series, we expect better than the ones we already have. I rely on Snyder however Lee have the great ability of ignoring good scripts and making good writers look like shitty ones. Let's see if Snyder can get over Lee and end up making a good comic book. Among the restan titles, Batman keeps being one of the best New 52 series so you can keep on reading it and Green Lantern Corps have a brand new start.

Marvel have a stable week with no big announcements. The continue with its Marvel Now titles. Until now, I'll highlight Thor an awesome title by an awesome writer, Jason Aaron, and an even awesome Esad Ribic. The other titles, I am giving a chance to Guardians of the Galaxy despite the beginning have not been very convincing. also Uncanny X-Force have not ended to take off, making me nearly forget the mutants. Damn Bendis!

In Image, as always Manhattan Projects is a must. Critics have been very kind with Dream Merchant (which I haven't read yet). Also, Top Cow's Aphrodite have reached the shelfs a month ago, I was not interested by then but now I feel kind of curious, the art looked nice so maybe I give it a chance.

And that's it! As usual, pick up whichever you want!*

American Vampire The Long Road To Hell #1 (One Shot) [+]
Batgirl #21 [+]
Batman #21 [+]
Batman Arkham Unhinged #15 [+]
Batman Li'l Gotham #3 [+]
Constantine #4 [+]
Demon Knights #21 [+]
Green Lantern Corps #21 [+]
Katana #5 [+]
Masters Of The Universe The Origin Of Hordak #1 (One Shot) [+]
Nightwing #21 [+]
Smallville Season 11 #14 [+]
Suicide Squad #21 [+]
Superboy #21 [+]
Superman Unchained #1 [+]
Threshold #6 [+]
Worlds' Finest #13 [+]

Alpha Big Time #5 (Of 5) [+]
Astonishing X-Men #63 [+]
Avengers Assemble #16 [+]
Avenging Spider-Man #22 [+]
Deadpool #11 [+]
Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 [+]
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #15 [+]
Savage Wolverine #6 [+]
Thor God Of Thunder #9 [+]
Ultimate Comics X-Men #27 [+]
Uncanny X-Force #6 [+]
Venom #36 [+]
Wolverine #4 [+]
Wolverine And The X-Men #31 [+]

Aphrodite IX #2 [+]
Artifacts #28 [+]
Distant Soil #40 [+]
Dream Merchant #2 (Of 6) [+]
Great Pacific #7 [+]
Manhattan Projects #12 [+]
Peter Panzerfaust #11 [+]
Walking Dead #111 [+]


Star Wars #6 [+]

*Los comics están en inglés. 
**Los enlaces son enlaces Magnet para torrent. Si tienes un cliente Torrent como bitTorrent, uTorrent o Transmission (entre muchos otros) simplemente clickalos y el programa los abrirá directamente.
*** Los titulos en rojo son aquellos que no he podido encontrar, trataré de encontrar enlaces disponibles lo antes posible. Yo no subo los comics, están en el torrent y son indexados por diversos trackers, yo solo los recopilo. 
**** Si te gustan estos cómics, ¡Cómpralos!
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