miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 26/06/2013

Hey people, have you heard that summer started? I know because I don't really know in which day I live, I get up late and can be lazy all the day... But on wednesdays is different, I feel it in the air, do you smell it? It is the smell of new comics!

DC does not stop on summer, this week we have two brand new series: Batman Superman and Larfleeze. Rigth, I know that you are not impressed with this, let's have a look to the creative teams , may be the can surprise us. In Batman Superman (was it necessary DC?) Greg Pak and Jae Lee, ehem... Well they are not the worst, let's take a look to Larfleeze's : Keith Geiffen and Scott Collins, well this is not pretty bad... I wouldn't bet they will last more than 12 issues but the ways of the american comic buyers are inescrutable.

Marvel have a pretty good week with plenty of A level titles. Captain American, All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men,Uncanny X-Force, Young Avengers... And do not forget X-Men by Brian Wood, it started a month ago with a fairly strong issue, I think we can expect great thing of this series, I won't keep track of it for sure. And, when we thought that we have got rid of Age of Ultron it returns with an odd A.I suffix, It looks like 10 issues was not enought to tell nothing...

Image does not fall behind the great ones and reaches the comic stores with a great offer of good comics. The Bounce started a month ago with an interesting issue, it is worth reading it, it can be a pretty interesting series in the long run, i didn't enjoy too much Jupiter's Legacy however it is always worthy a look something drawn by Frank Quitely. And be sure you don't miss Fatale, Sex and Prophet very good Image titles. Finally, there is a new shelf companion to this ones, it is called Lazarus by Gref Rucka (Punisher Max) and Michael Lark and it will be about:  In a distopian future the law is commanded by those who have the goods. Rich families try to mantain their control over the others and expand their power. Forever Carlyle defends the family holdings of any threat, she is the families protector, their Lazarus. All will change when she is shot defending her family. That's all for today!
 Have fun and like I always say: pick whatever you want!*

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

USA Wednesday Comics 19/06/2013

Yo, Man! Keepin' it real modafackas! We have a new post on USA Wednesday Comics. As every wednesday let's try to dive into the vast production of the american publishers.

We start with DC which is trying to go back to better times with new 100 Bullets issues, I am still reading the old ones so I am going to get over this mini series by Brian Azzarello y Eduardo Risso, if you are a fan, you know what to do. The rest of titles... Anything of real interest, the same series of all the months so check whatever you are still reading. I will get for sure that Batman and Batgirl issue. I love Peter Tomasi work although it is not great , it is pretty good.

In Marvel's territory Age of Ultron comes to an end, though it was leaked yesterday and I have read it yet. One of the worst events so far, however the last issue was an improvement in the narration could be found the story keeps being uninsteresting. Enjoy it if you can!
More things, a week with Avengers + New Avengers is always great, a must. I wrote about them in CabezasCortadas.com (in Spanish) here. Also, you must not miss the farewell of Peter David in X-Factor as in september the series will end. We will miss you PAD!

And we close with Image with the recomendation of Miniature Jesus a quite surprising comic which hit me a few weeks ago, take a look to the previous issues!!

Few things this week, the effect of summer I guess. Well, as you already know: Pick Whatever you  want!*

miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

USA Wednesday Comics : 11/06/2013

Hello there! Here we are with antother post of the all-mighty Wednesday Comics. Let's take a look to the new comic books on the stores!

DC keeps its traditional pace. This month we have several a couple of One Shots, an American Vampire one and another about the Masters of the Universe franchise. However the main course is the awaited by all Superman Unchained (no, it is not a crossover between DC's Superman and Django) writer Scott Snyder (great!) and Jim Lee (not so great) will bring to us yet another Superman's series, we expect better than the ones we already have. I rely on Snyder however Lee have the great ability of ignoring good scripts and making good writers look like shitty ones. Let's see if Snyder can get over Lee and end up making a good comic book. Among the restan titles, Batman keeps being one of the best New 52 series so you can keep on reading it and Green Lantern Corps have a brand new start.

Marvel have a stable week with no big announcements. The continue with its Marvel Now titles. Until now, I'll highlight Thor an awesome title by an awesome writer, Jason Aaron, and an even awesome Esad Ribic. The other titles, I am giving a chance to Guardians of the Galaxy despite the beginning have not been very convincing. also Uncanny X-Force have not ended to take off, making me nearly forget the mutants. Damn Bendis!

In Image, as always Manhattan Projects is a must. Critics have been very kind with Dream Merchant (which I haven't read yet). Also, Top Cow's Aphrodite have reached the shelfs a month ago, I was not interested by then but now I feel kind of curious, the art looked nice so maybe I give it a chance.

And that's it! As usual, pick up whichever you want!*

miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

USA Wednesday Comics: 05/06/2013

Hi there! Today we have some changes in the format of this section. As you will probably have noticed by now, this section will be totally in English! Yes, I know I am quite crazy, but I wanted to give it a try. As not many people read the recomendations, I have decided that, in order to not waste my time, to use it as an exercise and try to write in a foreign language. Maybe some of you will be bothered, either by my poor English or because you prefered to read it on Spanish... we will see how things go, and maybe I will go back to the old format ;)
Nevertheless the contents will be the same, and yes you will have your comics in time as always. :)

Thats all for the intro, let's start with the all new, all mighty Wednesday Comics!!!

In DC, we have some brand-new series, well not at all... Okay, it is Astro City, the comic by Kurt Busiek and Brent Eric Anderson, with the extraordinary covers of Alex Ross. The series is a classic (which i have in the "to read" stack) and is returning to save DC of the poor selling numbers, at least it comes by the hand of its original authors so we may see many good comics under this header. I will absolutely gitve it a try.
Looking at the rest, Earth 2 is one of the best New 52 comics, that is fact, however it seems that Didio does not like those so Robinson will leave the series in a few numbers. We sure will miss him!
Also Green Arrow is doing pretty well as you can expect of having Jeff Lemire as writer.
Oh! I nearly forgot, this month starts the relunch of the Green Lantern franchise, with new creative teams. Geoff Johns is gone, will this new teams make us forget him? We will see.

Now, hands on Marvel. first Age of Ultron is nearly to end (at last!!), one of the worst comics that Bendis have written in my opinion, maybe he can do a nice save at the end, I doubt it.
Talking about Bendis and miniseries... Daredevil End of Days finishes today!!! It's been long since it started, I didn't like it a lot but it is infinitely better than Age of Utron... But, wait! We haven't rid off Daredevil's miniseries, a new one starts: Daredevil Dark Nights, by Lee Weeks. Welcome!
And among the rest of new comics we have pretty good choices, I personally will enjoy Avengers and Thanos Rising, Hickman and Aaron are one of my favourite writers in Marvel right now, and they have reached this position making merits everyday, give them a try!
Changing the subject completely, Kick Ass returns. Damn you Mark Millar! Kick Ass 2 was completely unnecesary and lacked of the oginarility of the first series, Kick Ass 3 will be better? I wouldn't bet on it... But if you are a fan, or just feeling morbid, here you have it!

And last but not least, Image has pretty good new comics out this week. East of West and Ten Grand had a very good beginning and they deserve the effort of reading them. East of West is a very "Hickman" comic and its artwork is amazing. Ten Grand is going to be the substitute of Hellblazer, a series of similar characteristics and, I think, a bright future. Both are save bids!

Thats all! As I always say: Take whatever you want!!*