miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 31/07/2013

Hi people! I almost forget that THIS was the last week of July's comics not the previous one as I said. We have some new issues hitting the shelves so let's get started!

In DC we have a genuinely new release, a new title for the walking-dead Vertigo, the new of the series is Collider and is written by Simon Oliver and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, the series start with a quite interesting premise, the laws of physics are not applying anymore! What is happening? The Federal Bureau of Physics is in charge to find out! In the rest of titles can be highlighted the astonishing (well quite impressive) number of annuals, and the end of Batman Incorporated, Good bye Mr Morrison! and a brand new Tom Strong mini series. Make your choice.

Marvel also have a great deal of a release, Kick Ass 3 Mark Millar and Romita strike again (oh god, why?) in the only series that seems that is getting profits to Millarworld, you know what it is, is your choice to read it. Also there is a strange Wolverine (I suspect) mini-series about Wolverine and cooking, nothing to seay about it, maybe its funny maybe is the worst you can read on Marvel, please gentlemen make your bets! Be sure of not missing X-Men by Wood and the great but forgotten X-Men Legacy by Simon Spurrier, these are the good shit.

In Image we have not very much to say about anything only a few titles are dispatched this week, Sex keeps being great, read it. 

And thats all!! You know the rest!* (Yep, it is summer and I am being lazy :)) Enjoy!

miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics:24/07/2013

Hey, guys! As you may noticed last week this section did not come out as usual, this has an explanation, that week I was not able to connect to a computer and do the post as I was enjoying the Festival Internacional de Benicassim, I take for granted that you could get your comics elsewhere, I am sorry but it was an exceptional ocasion. Nevertheless, this week we return to bring you the new issues of your favourite series!

What an extremely tasteless conference did DC at the Comic Con, not a single exciting new for me! This week's new comics i am sorry to say that are as exciting.  Larfleeze ended up being a quite funny comic so I will continue reading it although I do not expect much from it. On the other hand, Batman Superman was quite insipid but we will give it one more try to get us into it.

In Marvel, there is a Hawkeye annual that nobody should not miss, the series was one of the big winners of the Eisner awards completely rightfully. We have a mini series, Hunger which will be the closure of the Age Of Ultron event, my god, please end it NOW, every time there is more series about this shitty event. And another new series, Superior Spider-man Team Up replacing Avenging Spider-man which was the unofficial team up series with Yost at the scripts, it will be entertaining for sure.

Image also have a quiet week (it is summer and the final week of the month, everybody wants to rest) however Bounce and Lazarus are pretty good for an afternoon reading close to the swimming pool. 

And that is all fellas. Pick whatever you want!*

miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 10/07/2013

Better late than never, we are on a rush so, let's start!

DC comics have little to offer to me this week, I will only pick up Astro City #2, I have never read the series before but there is no doubt of the quality of the first issue of the relunch so I continue with it while I catch up with the old issues. Ah! The last issue is a new readers-friendly so do not be afraid and give it a try! And mantaining the position of the most regular series with great peaks of quality. Second issue of Batman Year Zero and it keeps on being a good series. We hope it keeps like that for a loooong time.

Marvel continues its path. You can safely pick Uncanny X-Men the only Bendis series I can stand. Of course Hawkeye and Daredevil continue being awesome. And do not forget the incredible Young Avengers and Superior Spider-man!

Image this weeks adds a its veterans some new series. First Ghosted by Joshua Williamson and Goran Sudzuka is a horror/crime series in which a criminal master mind will be freed of prision to rob... a GHOST from a haunted house! The second one is called Sheltered by Edd Brisson and John Christmas this series takes place in a pre-apocalyptic world in which a community have prepared for any possible end of the world. However when the cause of the end of Earth is brought by their children any weaponary and training seems useless.

And thats all! So far and thanks for all the fish!*

martes, 2 de julio de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 3/07/2013

New Comics!
DC comics starts the month approaching to the conclusion of Batman Incorporated (we will miss this series veeeeeery soon). I have the feeling that every series I enjoy ends up cancelled or with a change on its creative team. Dial H will be cancelled not very late, Robinson leaves Earth 2... And the list keeps growing.  However, one thing that DC does not get tired of are silly spin offs pre- events, yes I am talking to you Trinity of Sin.

In Marvel we got something that our pockets do not deserve: new series! We got a new Avengers' series, Avengers A.I with Sam Humphries andre Andre Aruajo but be quiet, it is a derivative of the Age of Ultron, nothing coming for that can be good. In this title we will follow the adventures of a group of Avengers travelling in time to try to fix all the problems derivated of the defeat of Ultron.
There is also ANOTHER Deadpool's miniseries, a What if of the AvX event, a Guardians of the Galaxy One Shot and a new Spider-man related series featuring his Superior Foes by Nick Spencer(Morning Glories, Secret Avengers) and Steve Lieber. Pay attention to the fabolous covers of Marcos Martin. 

Image keeps its pace and brings a couple of new series: Another Skullkickers' comic book and a brand new Satellite Sam. Satellite Sam by Matt Fraction (CAUTION!) and Howard Chaykin promises us a lot of sex and noir, all starts when the TV star Satellite Sam is found dead in his house, the police thinks that is due to natural causes, his alcoholic sound disagrees. I will read it, and i will tell you, but i do not have much confidence in this series... We will see!!

That is all! Like I always say: Pick Whatever you want!*