miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics : 18/09/2013

Hello friends, let's start another post of the all mighty USA's Wednesday Comics:
DC this week only have moooooore boring things about this stupid Villains month, maybe this is great however I have not read any comics of this 'event' and I am not going to start now.
So, let's get more friendly with Marvel and see what is new here. New Avengers have definetely become my favourite Marvel series and the runner-up is Superior Spiderman, so it is a really good week for me. Also X-Men Legacy keeps being entertaining and Infinity reaches its third number of this 'youcannotmissthis' event. The decision is yours!
In Image we have actual new things, Zero starts this month, this series is written by Alex Kot and the art in charge of Michael Walsh it is about a hardcore spy which is ordered to find an stolen object, what a surprise when it comes to be inside a biomodified terrorist. It looks like a bit of sci-fi-noir series worth of checking out. We will see if it deserves it!

So that is all, you know what to do now!*

miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 11/09/2013

Hey boy, hey girl, too many comics. There we go!
Johns leaves Aquaman, yeah! That's right DC. Well ,you can take the last look at his series while he is still there. DC keeps on publishing this 'month of the villians' thing. The thing I did not know was that some series repeated with a new villian in its inner pages, well it explains a lot... Despite this comics, there is a new issue of FBPD (previously known as Collider) which is a good thing and one of the DC series which it is worth reading. For me nothing more to take into account of this publisher.

Let's take a look at Marvel new comics, we have two new titles, one which we won't take into consideration which is Mighty Avengers. This series have 2 main problems: 1. Is ANOTHER Avengers title. 2. Is drawn by Greg Land one of the awfullest artist in Marvel right now. Buuuut, if you can surpass this obstacles, it is written by someone called Al Ewing who have written for the Dynamite's title Jennifer's Blood and some 2000 AD stories. This series is directly linked with Infinity, it will be about the heroes which are left on Earth to defend it when the rest of Avengers are left: Luke Cage, Power Man, Spider-man, Spectrum and White Tiger. Make your choice wisely...

Image have a quiet week with only a few titles, however they are one of the heavyweight of the company, The Walking Dead, Prophet and The Manhattan Projects, all good titles you will enjoy.

That's all for today! You know what to do now!*

jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

USA's Wednesday Comics: 03/09/2013

A day late but here we are. There is some new routines in my personal life (I have started working, yep) so I do not have as much as time as I used to therefore this section is having a quite awful lack of punctuality. I am working to have this posts ready in time in the future but I can not promise anything I have even thought of giving up doing the section however I will try to make the effort (Do not panic...for the time being). Too much off-topic, let's start with the importan things!

Oh no! DC comics have started ANOTHER marketing movement! It is the villain's month! You can see who will be in which comic this month in the list, I have a genuine lack of interest in this comics, however I am curious about the issue of the Joker after what Snyder told in A Death in the Family, however a different creative team is handling the issue which will be located before that event. However, I have heard good things about Batmn And Robin's comic, in general a good series I suppose it can not be very bad. What is a completely shame is that we can not enjoy of the fabulous 3D covers! I would have liked to feel like living in the nineties once more...

In Marvel comics Infinity the event by Jonathan Hickman continues with its second issue recalling me that I  have not read the previous one! I am such a sinner, Hickman forgive me! And this week we have another mutant event The Battle of the atom has started and the writer who is behind is BENDIS, yep! Judge yourselves... And do not forget to pick the series of your friendly neighbor Spider-man which are always entertaining.

In Image apart from the fabulous ongoing series we have a one shot called Love Stories to die for by Dirk Manning and Owen Gieni, which contain two stories about, yep you guessed right, love (although not precisely in the romantic sense of the term). And another new series, Reality Check one of the big bets of Image, Glen Bunswick and Viktor Bogdanovic will be in charge or narrating the adventures of Willard Penn a comic artist which will create a new series which will score an unlikely hit, it is about a hero more concerned with his libido than in fighting evil, what a surprise when the hero come out the pages and be reluctant to come back! Sounds interesting.

That's all for now! You know what to do!*