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USA's Wednesday Comics : 18/09/2013

Hello friends, let's start another post of the all mighty USA's Wednesday Comics:
DC this week only have moooooore boring things about this stupid Villains month, maybe this is great however I have not read any comics of this 'event' and I am not going to start now.
So, let's get more friendly with Marvel and see what is new here. New Avengers have definetely become my favourite Marvel series and the runner-up is Superior Spiderman, so it is a really good week for me. Also X-Men Legacy keeps being entertaining and Infinity reaches its third number of this 'youcannotmissthis' event. The decision is yours!
In Image we have actual new things, Zero starts this month, this series is written by Alex Kot and the art in charge of Michael Walsh it is about a hardcore spy which is ordered to find an stolen object, what a surprise when it comes to be inside a biomodified terrorist. It looks like a bit of sci-fi-noir series worth of checking out. We will see if it deserves it!

So that is all, you know what to do now!*

100 Bullets Brother Lono #4 (Of 8) [+]
Action Comics #23.3 (Lex Luthor) [+]
Arrow #11 [+]
Batman #23.3 (The Penguin) [+]
Batman '66 #3 [+]
Batman And Robin #23.3 (Ra's al Ghul And The League Of Assassins) [+]
Batman Beyond Universe #2 [+]
Batman The Dark Knight #23.3 (Clayface) [+]
Detective Comics #23.3 (The Scarecrow) [+]
Fables #133 [+]
Flash #23.3 (The Rogues) [+]
Green Lantern #23.3 (Black Hand) [+]
Justice League #23.3 (Dial E) [+]
Justice League Dark #23.2 (Eclipso) [+]
Justice League Of America #7.3 (Shadow Thief) [+]
Superman #23.3 (H'el) [+]
Swamp Thing #23.1 (Arcane) [+]
Teen Titans #23.2 (Deathstroke) [+]
Wonder Woman #23.1 (The Cheetah) [+]

Cable And X-Force #14 [+]
Captain Marvel #16 [+]
Daredevil #31 [+]
Infinity #3 (Of 6) [+]
Morbius The Living Vampire #9 [+]
New Avengers #10 [+]
Powers Bureau #7 [+]
Savage Wolverine #8 [+]
Secret Avengers #9 [+]
Superior Carnage #3 (Of 5) [+]
Superior Spider-Man #18 [+]
Thor God of Thunder #13 [+]
Thunderbolts #15 [+]
Ultimate Comics X-Men #31 [+]
Uncanny X-Men #12 [+]
Venom #41 [+]
Wolverine MAX #11 [+]
X-Men Legacy #17 [+]

Aphrodite IX #5 [+]
Bounce #5 [+]
Cyber Force #6 [+]
Darkness #115 [+]
Great Pacific #10 [+]
Mice Templar IV Legend #7 [+]
Mind The Gap #14 [+]
Morning Glories #31 [+]
Peter Panzerfaust #14 [+]
Savage Dragon #191 [+]
Zero #1 [+]

*Los comics están en inglés.
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*** Los titulos en rojo son aquellos que no he podido encontrar, trataré de encontrar enlaces disponibles lo antes posible. Yo no subo los comics, están en el torrent y son indexados por diversos trackers, yo solo los recopilo.
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