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USA's Wednesday Comics: 11/09/2013

Hey boy, hey girl, too many comics. There we go!
Johns leaves Aquaman, yeah! That's right DC. Well ,you can take the last look at his series while he is still there. DC keeps on publishing this 'month of the villians' thing. The thing I did not know was that some series repeated with a new villian in its inner pages, well it explains a lot... Despite this comics, there is a new issue of FBPD (previously known as Collider) which is a good thing and one of the DC series which it is worth reading. For me nothing more to take into account of this publisher.

Let's take a look at Marvel new comics, we have two new titles, one which we won't take into consideration which is Mighty Avengers. This series have 2 main problems: 1. Is ANOTHER Avengers title. 2. Is drawn by Greg Land one of the awfullest artist in Marvel right now. Buuuut, if you can surpass this obstacles, it is written by someone called Al Ewing who have written for the Dynamite's title Jennifer's Blood and some 2000 AD stories. This series is directly linked with Infinity, it will be about the heroes which are left on Earth to defend it when the rest of Avengers are left: Luke Cage, Power Man, Spider-man, Spectrum and White Tiger. Make your choice wisely...

Image have a quiet week with only a few titles, however they are one of the heavyweight of the company, The Walking Dead, Prophet and The Manhattan Projects, all good titles you will enjoy.

That's all for today! You know what to do now!*

Action Comics #23.2 (General Zod) [+]
Aquaman #23.1 (Black Manta) [+]
Astro City #4 [+]
Batman #23.2 (The Riddler) [+]
Batman And Robin #23.2 (The Court Of Owls) [+]
Batman Arkham Unhinged #18 [+]
Batman Li'l Gotham #6 [+]
Batman The Dark Knight #23.2 (Mr. Freeze) [+]
Detective Comics #23.2 (Harley Quinn) [+]
Earth 2 #15.2 (Solomon Grundy) [+]
FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #3 (was 'Collider') [+]
Flash #23.2 (Reverse-Flash) [+]
Green Lantern #23.2 (Mongul) [+]
Justice League #23.2 (Lobo) [+]
Justice League Of America #7.2 (Killer Frost) [+]
Smallville Season 11 #17 [+]
Superman #23.2 (Brainiac) [+]
Teen Titans #23.1 (Trigon) [+]

Astonishing X-Men #67 [+]
Avengers #19 [+]
Avengers Arena #15 [+]
Captain America #11 [+]
Deadpool #16 [+]
Fantastic Four #12 [+]
Fearless Defenders #9 [+]
Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 [+]
Indestructible Hulk #13 [+]
Infinity The Hunt #1 (Of 4) [+]
Kick-Ass 3 #3 (Of 8) [+]
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #18 [+]
Mighty Avengers #1 [+]
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #30 [+]
Uncanny X-Force #11 [+]
Wolverine #9 [+]
X-Men #5 [+]
Clone #10 [+]
Ghosted #3 [+]
Manhattan Projects #14 [+]
Prophet #39 [+]
Sidekick #2 [+]
Walking Dead #114 [+]

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