lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

See you soon true fans!

Hello everyone! As you can see the blog's activity have reached the 'non-existent' point, so I am going to explain myself the situation. From September until now my life have changed enormously I couldn't take my time to make this small posts weekly. I have started to work while I keep studying at the university which is honestly quite a lot of work. To this I have to sum that I am not able to follow the publications weekly anymore (as I don't have time enough or mor important, a tablet in which I can read them, mine is broken). Furthermore, the Spanish government is planning new laws related to the sharing of links to places where content is shared so this site will be in the black list sadly.

However, it is not all bad news (or at least terribly bad ones) you can keep reading me at Cabezas Cortadas, where I write with a bit more of criterion (not too much though) and I am planning to be back at this blog this Christmas if all goes like planned.

To end with, I must thank you for the support, for your comments or to simply read my posts, although they were of a very questionable quality sometimes. So, don't worry I will notify you when this section returns, it may be sooner or later but it will be. I promise,


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