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USA's Wednesday Comics: 28/08/2013

The summer is ending! Or at least the summer holidays, that's a shame we all know, however the new semester will bring a lot of surprises in comic's world... Yeah, I also prefer less surprises and more holidays, buuuuuut life is hard. Let's start!
DC have a couple of specials to end up with August, one about American Vampire and another of the Batman Incorporated's series, caution this last one is not written by Grant Morrison so get off your expectations. My personal recomendation is the second issue of Collider, renamed with no aparent reason as FBP, an attempt to camouflage the second issue as a novelty in order to rise the sells? I do not care at all, the first issue was quite interesting so go for it!

Marvel have this month the first Marvel Now's series  cancelled, good bye Journey Into Mystery, it was not a bad series nevertheless the great amount of competitors have taken it to the lowest part of the top sellers list... Such a pitty. The rest have plenty good things to offer, as always do not miss anything written by Hickman, all is good at least (when not fucking great) also Uncanny Avengers is becoming a series to take into account. Marvel is really good this days, you have plenty to choose.

In Image we have a little few titles, in my opinion Lazarus and Sex are your best options, they are both very good.

And that's all, have a nice day. You know what to do now.* 

Adventures Of Superman #4 [+]
All-Star Western #23 [+]
American Vampire Anthology #1 [+]
Aquaman #23 [+]
Batman Incorporated Special #1 [+]
Batman Superman #3 [+]
Batman The Dark Knight #23 [+]
Catwoman #23 [+]
FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #2 (was 'Collider') [+]
Flash #23 [+]
Green Team Teen Trillionaires #4 [+]
Justice League #23 [+]
Larfleeze #3 [+]
Red Lanterns #23 [+]
Superman #23 [+]
Talon #11 [+]
Teen Titans #23 [+]
Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #2 (Of 6) [+]
Unwritten #52 [+]

A+X #11 [+]
Astonishing X-Men #66 [+]
Avengers Arena #14 [+]
Captain America #10 [+]
Captain Marvel #15 [+]
Deadpool #15 [+]
FF #11 [+]
Gambit #16 [+]
Journey Into Mystery #655 (Final Issue) [+]
New Avengers #9 [+]
Scarlet Spider #21 [+]
Secret Avengers #8 [+]
Thanos Rising #5 (Of 5) [+]
Thor God Of Thunder #12 [+]
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26 [+]
Uncanny Avengers #11 [+]
Uncanny X-Men #11 [+]
Wolverine And The X-Men #35 [+]
Wolverine MAX #10 [+]
Young Avengers #9 [+]

Lazarus #3 [+]
Mind The Gap #13 [+]
Morning Glories #30 [+]
Sex #6 [+]
Skullkickers #24 [+]
Super Dinosaur #20 [+]
Think Tank #9 [+]

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