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USA's Wednesday Comics: 21/08/2013

Hey there! Here we go again, let's see what's new this week !!
In DC comics there are few new things, 100 Bullets Spin off's miniseries continues and we have a new series located in the Batman Beyond Universe, and which take its name. Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas will be in charge in the second series in that universe which seems to be surprisingly popular in the States. Looking at the others, nothing really interesting Wonder Woman and Superman Unchained are my bets.

On the other side Marvel have a really interesting week with interesting titles, don't miss Avengers, Superior Spider-man and all the x-men titles this week all are pretty cool. The one that will fall off my read-list is Nova, which facing so many creative changes is going to suffer of instability for some time, so as my reading list is quite long I prefer to wait and see how this all ends up before catching up again.

This week in Image I have little to say, only that the only title I follow is Bounce and in this moment is not really bad nor really brilliant so... Make your choice.

And thats all, you know what to do now*

100 Bullets Brother Lono #3 (Of 8) [+]
Animal Man #23 [+]
Arrow #10 [+]
Batman '66 #2 [+]
Batman And Nightwing #23 [+]
Batman Beyond Universe #1 [+]
Batwoman #23 [+]
Birds Of Prey #23 [+]
Fables #132 [+]
Green Lantern New Guardians #23 [+]
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #5 [+]
Justice League Dark #23 [+]
Justice League Of America's Vibe #7 [+]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #23 (Final Issue) [+]
Red Hood And The Outlaws #23 [+]
Supergirl #23 [+]
Superman Unchained #3 [+]
Trinity Of Sin Pandora #3 [+]
Wonder Woman #23 [+]

Avengers #18 [+]
Avengers Assemble #18 [+]
Cable And X-Force #13 [+]
Daredevil #30 [+]
Indestructible Hulk #12 [+]
Morbius The Living Vampire #8 [+]
Nova #7 [+]
Superior Spider-Man #16 [+]
Thunderbolts #14 [+]
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #29 [+]
Venom #39 [+]
X-Factor #261 [+]
X-Men #4 [+]
X-Men Legacy #15 [+]

Aphrodite IX #4 [+]
Bounce #4 [+]
Chin Music #2 [+]
I Love Trouble #6 [+]
Mice Templar IV Legend #6 [+]
Revival #13 [+]
Savage Dragon #190 [+]
Thief Of Thieves #16 [+]

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